Filling out a shift evaluation

You'll need to fill out the shift evaluation form if you are evaluating another person or submitting an evaluation of your own performance.

Step 1: Start the evaluation

You'll need to complete the form for all shift evaluations. Evaluators must complete the Student Affect Evaluation rating, which is not available to self-submissions.

If you're unsure how to start a simulated patient evaluation, see our articles on Creating a shift evaluation for someone else and Creating a shift evaluation for yourself.

Step 2: Complete shift information

The shift information captures when and where the shift took place.

  1. Set the Start Date & Time.

  2. Set the shift's Duration.

  3. Select the Location where the shift took place.

  4. Confirm that Learning Activity captures the context for the shift.

Step 3: Add isolated skills

Add any Isolated Skills that the student demonstrated while not delivering comprehensive care.

  • To add an individual skill, tap Add Isolated Skill.

  • To add multiple skills at once, tap Add Multiple.

  • To edit an individual skill that you've added, including rating individual skill steps, tap the name of the skill after you've added it.

For more information, see Filling out a skill evaluation.

Step 4: Add patients

Add the Patients for whom the student provided comprehensive care.

  • To add a patient, tap Add Patient Eval.

    • When you add the patient eval, the evaluator will default to the same person as the shift evaluator. You can optionally select a different evaluator.

    • When saving the patient eval, you can choose to be evaluated now or save the evaluation for later.

      • If the preceptor has an EMCE account, they will complete the evaluation on their own device in the future.

      • If the preceptor does not have an EMCE account, you must hand them your device to complete the evaluation.

  • To edit a patient eval, click the card for the eval.

  • To quickly edit the Scores, tap the icons for Assessment, Treatment, or Management.

For more information on adding patient evals, see Filling out a simulated patient evaluation.

Step 5: Complete Additional Forms

In Additional Forms, complete the Student Affect Evaluation, Preceptor Evaluation, and Site Evaluation.

If you're creating a shift evaluation for yourself, you will not complete the Student Affect Evaluation.

Step 6: Finish the evaluation

  1. (Optional) Add Comments and Attachments.

  2. Tap Complete or Submit for Verification to complete the evaluation.

  3. If there are any patient evaluations that do not have Assessment, Treatment, and Management scores, your evaluator will be prompted to complete them at this time.

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