Purchase EMCE Pro

Purchase EMCE Pro to get access to technical support, scheduling, and advanced reporting features.

The free EMCE apps include everything students need to capture evaluations and monitor their progress towards meeting the requirements of their educational programs. EMCE Pro adds technical support and enables scheduling and advanced reporting features, which provide detailed insights into the progress and overall performance of each student.

There are two ways to Purchase EMCE Pro:

  • Purchase access codes and assign them to the students. This is typically done if you want to include EMCE Pro as part of students' tuition.

  • Have students purchase EMCE Pro themselves.

Buying EMCE Pro access codes

From a web browser, go to the EMCE Shop. Purchase the needed codes for each cohort, then distribute them to the students that need them.

Please contact us for estimates or invoices requiring purchase orders.

The Shop is only available in the web app.

Purchasing codes

Buying codes is a separate process from assigning them to students. If your account doesn't have enough unused access codes, you'll need to purchase more before assigning them to students.

  1. From the Shop, click the Buy Now tab.

  2. In the Order Summary box, enter the number of codes want to purchase for each certification level.

  3. Click Checkout. A new browser tab/window opens for Stripe Checkout.

  4. Enter your billing information to complete the purchase.

Assigning codes to students

Assigning a code to a student grants them access to EMCE Pro. If your account doesn't have enough codes available, you may need to purchase codes first.

  1. From the Shop, make sure you are on the EMCE Pro Access tab.

  2. Select the cohort that contains the students you are adding codes to.

    Adding access codes to students in a particular cohort
  3. Select the student(s) that you want to grant codes to. To select all students in the cohort, click Select All.

  4. Click Assign access code(s).

Instructing students to buy EMCE Pro

If your students will be paying for EMCE Pro, please direct them to the Shop.

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