Performing evaluator review for a shift evaluation

If you're a preceptor without an EMCE account, a student may hand you their device so that you can verify their shift evaluation.

What is evaluator review?

When a student fills out an evaluation on their device, the evaluator needs to review that evaluation and approve or reject it. This ensures accountability and data integrity. For preceptors that have EMCE accounts, those reviews appear in their app. For preceptors that do not have EMCE accounts, the review must be performed on the student's device.

If you would like to review evaluations on your own device, in your own time, you can sign up for a free EMCE account.


The process starts when a student hands you their device.

Evaluator Review
  1. Review this evaluation for accuracy and make changes as needed. See Filling out a shift evaluation for details.

  2. Complete the Student Affect Evaluation, if applicable.

  3. Evaluate any unevaluated patient encounters:

    • Tap on each patient individually to review details and score the student on their Assessment, Treatment, and Management of each patient encounter.



    Not applicable or attempted


    Did not perform successfully


    Performed successfully with some assistance


    Performed successfully independently or with little to no assistance

    • You may optionally add a comment in each section. By default, these comments are NOT visible to the student.

    • To quickly edit the Scores, tap the icons for Assessment, Treatment, or Management.

Patient Scoring
  1. Tap Verify.

  2. If there are any patient evaluations that do not have Assessment, Treatment, and Management scores, or, if you have not completed a required Student Affect Eval, you will be prompted to complete them at this time.

If the student has not completed all required fields, you may be prompted to hand the device back to the student.

Sign your name, then tap Save.

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