Create or join an organization

After you've created an EMCE account, you need to claim, create, or join an organization.

Getting started

An organization in EMCE represents a school or institution. If needed, you can belong to multiple organizations.

If you haven't yet made an EMCE account, go to Create your EMCE account.

If you signed up as a director, we'll do our best to automatically match you with your organization based on your email address. If we couldn't match you automatically, you'll have to search for your organization.

Claim your matched organization

If we were able to auto-match you to your organization based on your email address, you'll see the the option to claim your organization.

Auto-matched organization
  • If the displayed organization is correct, make sure Claim is selected, then click Continue. You're done! Move on to Add your first cohort.

  • If the displayed organization is incorrect, select Remove and then click Continue. Proceed to Find your organization.

Find your organization

If we couldn't auto-match you to your organization based on your email address, you'll see the the option to set up your profile by selecting a role.

Select a role
  1. Click Instructor.

  2. Search for the name of your school/organization.

    Search for your organization

Create your organization

If you didn't find your organization, you'll need to create it.

Organization not found
  1. Click Create a New Organization.

  2. Enter the organization information, then click Next. Required fields are marked in red.

    New organization setup
  3. When you are prompted to activate the organization, click Save.

That's it! Your new organization is created.

Join an existing organization (select cohorts)

If you found your organization and it is already active, you are prompted to select cohorts.

Select cohorts
  1. Select the cohorts that you will be an instructor for, then click Continue.

  2. Click Save to confirm.

You're all set!

Before you can use EMCE, you'll need to wait for an administrator of the organization to activate your profile.

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