Purchase EMCE Pro

Purchase EMCE Pro to get access to technical support, scheduling, and advanced reporting features.

The free EMCE apps include everything you need to capture evaluations and monitor you progress towards meeting the requirements of your educational programs. EMCE Pro adds technical support and enables scheduling and advanced reporting features, which provide detailed insights into your progress and overall performance.

Some institutions include the cost of EMCE Pro as part of tuition, while others may ask students to pay out-of-pocket (like books or other supplies).

You only need to purchase EMCE Pro yourself if you are directed to do so by your school.

  1. From a web browser, go to the EMCE Shop. The Shop is not available in the native iOS, Android, or Mac apps.

  2. Click Checkout. A new browser tab/window opens for Stripe Checkout.

  3. Enter your billing information to complete the purchase.

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