Reviewing submitted skill evaluations

When you are the evaluator for a skill evaluation that was submitted by someone else, you need to review that evaluation and approve or reject it. This ensures accountability and data integrity.

Finding skill evaluations that need your attention

By default, this To Do tab on the Evaluations page shows evaluations that you need to review, as well as in-progress evaluations that you haven't yet finished.

  1. Go to the To Do tab.

    • Select Skill under Eval type to see only skill evaluations

    • Select yourself as the evaluator.

Responding to an individual skill evaluation

If you're uncertain whether a skill evaluation should be approved based on your memory, you may want to review the evaluation details before responding.

  1. Click the skill evaluation in the To Do list.

  2. Review the skill evaluation details.

  3. (Optional) Leave a Comment.

Approving skill evaluations in bulk

If you know multiple skill evaluations can be approved without further investigation on your part, approving them in bulk can save you a significant amount of time.

  1. Go to the To Do tab.

  2. Select each of the evaluations that you want to act on by tapping the circle.

  3. Review the evaluation details on the next screen.

    • If an evaluation needs to be rejected, view its details, then reject it individually.

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