Organization settings

Organization settings control details about the organization, as well as policy settings that apply to students in the organization.

To access organization settings:

The Edit Organization pane appears. See Organization details.

Organization details

The Edit Organization pane allows you to configure organization details such as organization name, details, contact person, address, website, and email domain names.

Make sure your organization Name and Initials are correct; this is how students and faculty will identify your program in EMCE and join a cohort.

Organization options

The organization options provide customizable policy settings for app behavior, including general settings, evaluations, sim sessions, scheduling, reports, notifications, and labels.

Settings can be configured at multiple levels as needed; effective options are determined in the following order:

  1. Organizational Unit

  2. Organization

  3. EMCE Defaults

To access organization settings:

General tab

The General tab provides settings for new instructors, preceptor approval, and learning activity dashboard widgets for students.

Evaluations tab

The Evaluations tab provides settings that apply to all evaluation types, as well as customization options for each evaluation type.

Sim Sessions tab

The Sim Sessions tab allows you to enable or disable the Sim Sessions feature.

Scheduling tab

The Scheduling tab allows you to enable or disable the Scheduling feature, and control approval preferences for Locations.

Reports tab

The Reports tab allows you to control report download settings.

Notifications tab

The Notifications tab allows you to control notification settings for evaluations.

Labels tab

The Labels tab allows you to rename Learning Activities, Pathologies, Learning Environments, and Skill Steps in the app to match the terminology your organization uses.

If you want to change labels, be sure to add both a singular and plural form.

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