Facilitating a Sim Session

In a sim session, a team of students provide care for a simulated patient encounter. A Sim Session can be facilitated by an instructor or a student.

Step 1: Create the sim session

In this step, you'll create the sim session and add scenario information.

  1. When you're prompted to pick a sim type, tap Simulation Session.

  2. Set up the Scenario.

    • (Optional) Set a Title.

    • Select a Cohort.

    • Select the patient's Age Group.

    • Select the Patient Contact Type; or .

    • Select one or more Simulation Topics that capture the patient's symptoms.

    • (Optional) Enable Hide Patient info to prevent participants from seeing patient information that might given them an advantage during the session.

  3. Tap outside the Scenario pane to close it.

Step 2: Add team members

In this step, you'll add the student facilitator and other participating students.

  1. In the Team Leader column, select a Student.

  2. Add the next team member:

    • Scroll to the Team Member to the right.

    • Select a Student.

  3. Add each additional participating student.

    • Select a Student.

Step 3: Provide instruction to the participating students

At this point, you're ready to let participating students and observing students know what to do.

  1. (Optional) Designate students that will observe and evaluate participating students.

    • If you don't do this, you will need to evaluate the participating students yourself.

    • Let the observing students know that they should join the Sim Session from their devices in the EMCE app. See Joining a Sim Session as an evaluator for more information.

  2. Present the scenario information to the participating students.

Step 4: Start the Sim Session

Start the session and record the results.

  1. Tap Start at the bottom of the screen.

  2. If you are personally evaluating one or more participants:

    • In the Scores area, provide an Assessment, Treatment, and Management score.

    • Add a Narrative that explains what the student did.

  3. When the session is finished, tap Stop at the bottom of the screen.

  4. Make sure all the evaluators have finished adding their ratings of the participants.

All participants must have Scores before you can complete the session.

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