Creating a shift evaluation for yourself

When you record an evaluation for yourself, it must be reviewed and approved by an instructor.

Step 1: Start the evaluation

  1. Tap the button, then select Shift Eval.

  2. When prompted, select where the shift is taking place.

    Select a location
  3. Tap the bottom bar to choose the person that will be evaluating you.

    The bottom bar may show "Pick People" or "[name] is evaluating [name]".

  4. Set the evaluation parameters:

    Evaluation participants
    • Make sure you are selected as the Student.

    • Select the person that is evaluating your skill performance as the Evaluator. This person could be an instructor or another student.

  5. When you're finished, tap the .

Step 2: Fill out the evaluation details

Complete the form to record your performance.

Shift evaluation details

See Filling out a simulated patient evaluation for more details.

Step 3: Evaluator review

If you selected a preceptor to evaluate you, and that preceptor doesn't have an EMCE account, you are prompted to get Evaluator Review instead of submitting the evaluation.

Evaluator Review button
  1. Tap Evaluator Review.

  2. Hand your device to the preceptor so that they can complete the review. See Performing evaluator review for a shift evaluation for more information.

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