Performing evaluator review for a simulated patient evaluation

If you're a preceptor without an EMCE account, a student may hand you their device so that you can verify their simulated patient evaluation.

What is evaluator review?

When a student fills out an evaluation on their device, the evaluator needs to review that evaluation and approve or reject it. This ensures accountability and data integrity. For preceptors that have EMCE accounts, those reviews appear in their app. For preceptors that do not have EMCE accounts, the review must be performed on the student's device.

If you would like to review evaluations on your own device, in your own time, you can sign up for a free EMCE account.


The process starts when a student hands you their device.

  1. Review this evaluation for accuracy, score objectives, and make changes as needed. See Filling out a simulated patient evaluation for details.

  2. Tap Verify.

  3. Sign your name, then tap Save.

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