The Dashboard

This article provides quick and easy access to items that need your attention.

Accessing the Dashboard

The dashboard appears by default when you sign in. To return to the dashboard from another page, tap Dashboard in the navigation menu.

Dashboard on a laptop or tablet

If you are a faculty member, you can view a specific student's dashboard by tapping in the top-right corner of the screen.

Notifications widget

The Notifications widget displays scheduling notifications.

Notifications widget

To change your notification preferences, tap .

Notification Preferences

Evals To Do widget

The Evals To Do widget displays evaluations that need your attention, which may include:

  • Evaluations that you started but did not complete

  • Evaluations for which you are the evaluator, and that need your approval

  • Evaluations of yours that have been rejected (denoted by an icon)

Evals To Do widget

Tap an evaluation to act on it.

Upcoming Events widget

The Upcoming Events widget displays upcoming events that are assigned to you.

  • To view more details, tap the event.

  • To clock in directly, tap .

Upcoming events widget

Evaluations Progress widget

The Evaluations Progress widget displays your progress towards satisfying the evaluation requirements for each learning phase.

Evaluations Progress widget

From this widget, you can:

  • Select a Learning Phase to view progress for that phase.

  • Tap to show success rate charts.

  • Tap the name of an evaluation to start a new evaluation of that type.

  • Tap a score in an Evaluated by column to see the evaluations that have counted for that requirement.

Shift Hours widget

The Shift Hours widget shows the total hours you're scheduled for versus the hours you have attended.

Shift Hours widget


The #FOAMFINDER widget shows medical education content based on your recent patient encounters.


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