Filling out a skill evaluation

Evaluating a skill performance is the same, regardless of whether you are evaluating another person or submitting an evaluation of your own performance.

Enter skill evaluation details

You'll need to complete the form for all skill evaluations. In some cases, you may choose to score the skill steps individually, in addition to the normal form.

If you're unsure how to start an evaluation, see our articles on evaluating another student and submitting a personal skill evaluation.

  1. Use the thumb buttons to rate the skill evaluation as successful (👍) or unsuccessful (👎).

  2. (Optional) If applicable, complete other optional fields.

    • If you selected a skill with steps, tap Skill Steps to individually score the steps. See Scoring individual skill steps for more information. Alternatively, you can tap Simple Eval to hide the individual steps.

    • Tap Start to begin the timer, or enter a Duration value.

    • Add comments about the skill evaluation. These comments are visible to the student.

    • Add one or more attachments.

  3. Tap Save to submit the skill evaluation.

Scoring individual skill steps

Each step can be given an individual rating. Some skills use simple successful/unsuccessful scoring, while others use a 3-point scale. Tap the # button at the top of the screen for details about the rubric.

To score individual steps for a skill evaluation:

  1. Tap Skill Steps on the New Skill Eval screen.

  2. Rate the steps:

    • (Optional) Tap Start to begin the timer.

    • Rate each skill; select a numeric rating or mark a skill successful/unsuccessful.

    • In the Critical Criteria section, record the student's failures. Selecting any of these criteria will automatically fail the evaluation. However, you can override this when you return to the New Skill Eval screen.

    • (Optional) Tap Stop to begin the timer.

  3. When you're finished, tap Back.

  4. Make any needed changes to the skill evaluation.

Don't forget to tap Save when you're done with the evaluation.

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