Editing an event

You may need to edit an existing event to change it's details or enable/disable student sign-ups.

Past events cannot be edited.

Find the event

  1. Go to the Schedule page. If you're using a mobile device, you may need to access this page by first tapping (menu).

  2. On the calendar, tap the date the event takes place.

    Schedule All Events view
  3. In the sidebar, tap the event.

The event details appear.

Event details

Enable or disable sign-ups

If you want to disable or enable sign-ups, disable the Allow Sign-ups toggle.

Delete the event

  1. Tap .

  2. Select .

Clone the event

  1. Tap .

  2. Select Clone.

Edit the event

  1. Tap .

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Make the needed changes. See Scheduling an event.

  4. Tap Save.

Edit an attendance record

After an event has occurred, an Instructor with Scheduling permission may edit a student's attendance record to modify the clock-in and clock-out times, mark a student as absent, or delete the attendance record altogether.

  1. Under Attendees, locate the student's attendance record.

  2. To modify a student's clock-in/clock-out times:

    1. Tap located to the right of the student's clock-in/clock-out times. (NOT the at the bottom of the screen)

  3. To mark a student as Absent or remove them from the event entirely, tap

  4. Make the needed changes.

  5. Tap Save.

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