Reporting on your students' progress (faculty)

If you have EMCE Pro, you can use reports to view your skill evaluations progress, patient evaluations progress, and shift attendance.

Viewing a report

All report data is updated in real time.


  • A student must have EMCE Pro to view their data in Reports.

  • Reporting is only available on devices with larger screens, such as tablets and laptops.

  1. Select a Cohort.

  2. Tap the the type of report that you want to view.

  3. Select the students that you'd like to report on.

    • Tap Pick Students.

    • Select individual students, or tap Select All.

Working with Evaluation Progress reports

The Skill Evaluations Progress report and Patient Evaluations Progress reports have a similar format and viewing options.

View data for a specific learning phase

Use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to view evaluation data for each learning phase.

View evaluations that counted towards a requirement

To view the specific evaluations that counted towards a requirement, tap the count in the [student's name] column.

Filter by evaluator type

  • To view peer evaluations, tap Evaluated by Peer.

  • To view instructor evaluations, tap Evaluated by Instructor.

Show success rates

Tap Show Success Rates to show the percentage of evaluations that were successful for each requirement.

Export to Excel

Working with the shifts report

The Shift Attendance report shows scheduled hours versus attended hours.

View data for a particular student

Use the tabs to select the student for whom you want to view shift data.

Filter the shifts report

You can filter shifts by Learning Activities, Start Date / Time, End Date / Time, and students.

View an event's details

Double-tap on a row to view details for that event.


Tap Download Excel File or Download PDF File to download the file to your device.

Using the Data Export to build your own reports

If you need to access evaluation data that isn't provided by one of the predefined reports, you can use the Data Export to export the needed data, then manipulate it in a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel.

Step 1: Export the needed data

By default, all data in a the selected cohort is exported. You have the option to filter by student, learning activities, evaluation type, and time range.

  1. Select a Cohort.

  2. Tap Parameters to select the data you need to export. All filtering parameters are optional except Cohort.

    • Change the Cohort, if needed.

    • Select the Students to include; by default all students in the cohort are selected. Tap Pick Students to change selection.

    • Select the Learning Activities to include.

    • Select the evaluation type(s) to include (Skill, Patient, Shift, Other).

    • To filter by when the evaluation occurred, enable Date / Time Range, then set Start and End.

  3. Tap New Export.

Your export is generated in the background.

Step 2: Download the export when it's ready

When your export is ready, it appears in the list of exports on the Data Export page.

Step 3: Customize in a spreadsheet application

Use the spreadsheet application of your choice to open the file you downloaded in the previous step.

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