Managing available skills

Faculty can enable or disable skills and add custom skills; these skills can be added to a cohort's evaluation requirements.

Step 1: Navigate to the Skills & Competencies screen

  1. Under Eval Types, tap Skills.

  2. Tap Skills & Competencies at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Make the needed changes

The Skills & Competencies screen displays all defined skills, grouped by subject.

Skills defined here are not required unless they are added to a cohort's evaluation requirements.

Add a custom skill

  1. Select a Subject.

  2. Enter a Name.

  3. (Optional) Enter a Short Name.

  4. Tap Save.

If you want to require students to demonstrate this skill, add it to one or more cohorts' evaluation requirements.

Filter the skills list

Type a skill name in the Search field.

Rename a skill

Tap the Name of a skill, then edit the text.

Enable or disable a skill

Tap the toggle to enable or disable a skill for each individual certification type.

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